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Choose the race that fits you best or join us in making Egypt a better place for athletes and a great destination for trail running!

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Explore trail running opportunities in Egypt’s various destinations with Ultra Ibex.

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About us


Ultra Ibex is a trail running and outdoor adventure events organizer based in Cairo.

Run with nature

The run with nature is to chase freedom—this is evident in trail running, an all-around endurance sport that takes running to a whole new level and opens doors for more unique outdoor experiences. When we talk about getting started in trail running, Egypt is undoubtedly a great place to be, and Ultra Ibex is the starting line to begin the journey.



Ultra Ibex is a trail running and outdoor adventure events organizer based in Cairo. Born out of Wadi Ibex, Egypt’s first and only trail running team, Ultra Ibex is led and managed by leading ultra, endurance, and trail running athletes who already have international experiences to their names. Ultra Ibex aims to promote Egypt, fitness, endurance sports, and nature conservation through trail running. We organize annual, occasional, and special outdoor sports events for runners of all levels.

All About Trail Running

In Egypt


Trail running is not just a new variation of running. Trail running highlights the principles of running and hiking while offering the challenges of natural terrain and its uneven surfaces usually found in mountains, forests, and deserts. If you get it right, preferably with the guidance of Wadi Ibex, trail running can be an excellent endurance sport, a form of exercise, a challenging recreational activity—or all three.



While Egypt is a tourist destination known for its ancient treasures and rich history, it should also be recognized as one of the best trail running destinations in the world because of its accessible natural terrains. The country offers various places that can cater to trail running and offer varying levels of challenges for amateur and advanced trail runners. Egypt has some of the best deserts, dirt trails, mountains, hills, parks, and other man-made trails.