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Born from the dream to help people explore the outdoors through trail running, the community of trail running in Egypt is transformed with the establishment of Ultra Ibex.

About Ultra Ibex

Ultra Ibex is a trail running and outdoor adventure events organizer based in Cairo. Born out of Wadi Ibex, Egypt’s first and only trail running team, Ultra Ibex is led and managed by leading ultra, endurance, and trail running athletes who already have international experiences to their names.

Ultra Ibex currently functions as a team of six and partners with other sports and environmental organizations in Egypt to host annual, occasional, and special outdoor sports events. The organization opened its doors in 2022. Since its opening, Ultra Ibex has been promoting trail running and raising environmental awareness locally and internationally.



Ultra Ibex's vision is to promote and advance Egypt on the global trail running map.


Our mission is to organize high-quality outdoor races and experiences, that attract local and international participation and showcases Egypt's natural protectorates.

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Ultra Ibex is the trail running companion you’re looking for. Our domain is Egypt, but we aim to explore all areas of the world where trail running thrives. Our team is made up of experts, but we welcome trail runners of all ages and skill levels.