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Explore trail running opportunities in Egypt’s various destinations with Ultra Ibex.

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With its fascinating history, accessible reserves, and natural attractions, Egypt is definitely one of the most accessible places in the world that offers the best trail running locations for beginners and advanced runners. The country’s ancient and modern locations are easily accessible by many, especially trail runners who wish to improve their reach and capabilities.


Explore Egypt

Explore trail running opportunities in Egypt’s various destinations with Ultra Ibex.
Abu Galum

Abu Galum is a tourist destination and protectorate near the city of Dahab. The place has a ​​total area of 500 km². It features the popular Blue Lagoon, a natural saltwater pool with accessible mountaintops nearby. The surrounding mountains are perfect for hiking, camping, and of course, trail running.

El Wahat El Bahariya

El Wahat El Bahariya is a natural oasis in the western part of Egypt. It lies between Siwa and the White Desert, so it’s accessible from both areas. El Wahat El Bahariya was the very location where scientists discovered fossils from the world’s second largest dinosaur. The area is ideal for camping, stargazing, hiking, and trail running.


Fayoum is a scenic city located in the middle of Egypt, southwest of the busy city Cairo. It carries some of the country’s natural hidden gems, such as the Fayoum Oasis and the Valley of Ancient Whales. The perfect and most accessible trail running location, however, is the natural Qaroun Lake.

Ras Muhammed

Ras Muhammed is a protectorate located in the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula. It’s an 850-km fossilized coral headland sitting between the Red Sea and one of Egypt’s inland deserts. Ras Muhammed is ideal for camping, bird watching, and trail running.

Red Sea mountains

The Red Sea Mountains in Egypt is on TIME’s 2019 list of the World’s 100 Greatest Places and for good reason. It features rugged mountains running parallel to the Red Sea, separating Egypt’s South-Eastern coast and the Eastern Desert. Within the mountain range is the Red Sea Mountain Trail, the first-long distance hiking trail in the country and a community tourism project created and managed by the local Bedouins of Maaza tribe. The trail is 170 km long and it features desert plains, deep gorges, high summits and remains of ancient Roman towns.


Siwa is an urban oasis in Egypt that carries a small community and fantastic desert views. Slightly far from the city, Siwa Oasis is considered one of Egypt’s hidden gems. But this hidden gem has lots to offer when it comes to hiking and trail running.

St. Katherine

St. Katherine is a biblical city in South Sinai—located at the foot of the mountain. The area was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. The main tourist attractions of the city are Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai, but there are also beginner-friendly and challenging trails for hikers and trail runners surrounding the area.


Taba Protectorate is a town located in the north of Egypt. It is known for its steep valleys and tall mountaintops, perfect for trail runners who want a little challenge. Aside from trail running, diving, hiking, and camping are also popular activities in Taba.

Wadi Degla

Wadi Degla is a natural Protectorate located 20 km southeast of Cairo. It is a hiking and trail running heaven with the advantage of being only 30 min away from downtown Cairo! The protectorate offers different trails for various skill levels. The main wadi trail is a 12 km long easy trail with a beautiful canyon at the end, while the south and north plateaus up the main wadi trail offer longer trails with a mix of rolling hills and more challenging terrain.

Wadi El Gemal

Wadi El Gemal is another natural hidden gem in the country, located southeast of Egypt. It is an ideal location for underwater activities but there are also accessible trail running locations in the area’s mountainous terrain.

Wadi El Rayan

Wadi El Rayan is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Egypt, widely recognized for its large waterfalls and serene desert landscapes. Surrounded by sand dunes and natural terrains, Wadi El Rayan is perfect for hiking, camping, stargazing, sandboarding, bird watching, and trail running.

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Weather Conditions

As Egypt is dominated by deserts, the weather conditions in the country are mostly hot and dry. Winters, however, are generally cool with little to no rain—mostly visiting coastal areas. May to October represent the dry, summer season, while November to April mostly represent the winter season.

Trail running and other similar outdoor activities are generally viable all year long and particularly during winter, but it’s best to avoid days or weeks with extreme hot weather to lessen the risk of heat-related illnesses like heat cramps, fatigue, and dehydration. Temperatures can get uncomfortably hot in Egypt during the summer.

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Local Communities in Egypt

Egypt is rich in culture and history, and the promotion of both is done by the dedicated local communities in the country. Local citizens in various parts of the country embrace tourism all the while preserving the natural beauty of the areas they live in. Ultra Ibex encourages trail runners to meet and interact with local communities and tribes in the various trail running locations we recommend to expand your understanding of Egypt’s culture and widen your perspective on trail running.